Husqvarna YTH20K46 Review

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One of the best investments a homeowner with a sizeable yard can make is to invest in the best lawn mower or a garden tractor. And that means that whether this is your first home and you are investing in the best of lawn care tools or you have years of experience but need an upgrade, your choice of power equipment has got to be the best power tool you choose.

At the end of the day, the best and the most powerful lawn mowers will make your landscaping projects faster, and if you have been dreading mowing the yard every few weeks, this investment might expose you to a new side of life, one that allows you the perfect space to be alone with your thoughts, or even one of the best bonding opportunities with your kids.

The best lawn mowers allow you to cut the grass in your yard in significantly less time, it has a high degree of accuracy, and pretty much anyone can mow the lawn. And of course, we don’t have to talk about the savings that come from not having to hire an expensive professional landscaper anymore.

But even with all these benefits, how do you know that a lawnmower is the best thing that you will ever buy and that it will meet your long-term needs with ease?

While the operation of the lawnmower is pretty much straightforward, especially when you have a powerful power tool whose wheels allow you to navigate the area that needs mowing with ease, what makes the best lawn mower? What do you need to bear in mind when looking for the best lawn mower?

Is the brand of the mower an important consideration? Which are the must-have features?

For starters, it’s worth noting that brands such as Husqvarna, Greenworks, John Deere, Craftsman, and TROY-Bilt are the top brands of lawnmowers and even though some models by these brands turn out to be hits and others end up being near-misses, these brands are the market leaders and buying a power tool from them would be a recommended and a commendable idea, especially if the type and the features of that mower check all the boxes on your list.

Today, we’ll turn out focus on one of the riding lawn mowers by the big Husqvarna brand: the Husqvarna YTH20K46. Is it worth your money? Is this the best riding lawn mower that money could buy?

Does it come with all the important and the functional features you might need in a lawnmower? This comprehensive review will give you all the answers to your questions.

Why Husqvarna?

We know what you are thinking; that out of all the other Husqvarna lawn mowers on the market, why is this the one we have to look at. Well, the truth is that in as much as there are numerous options on the market, the Husqvarna range of lawnmowers, just like this Husqvarna YTH20K46 boast premium-level performance, a robust, long-lasting build and great results.

Husqvarna’s yard tractors boast a compacts size, which is a feature that allows you to enjoy a high level of maneuverability from the power tool while also enjoying the fact that this mower will not take up too much of the already limited storage space in your garage.

These yard tractors also come with a wide range of features that promise excellent performance, from the fender-mounted height adjustment for cutting to the ergonomic steering and the adjustable seat.

All the lawn mowing tractors from this brand also boast a simple operation, and they are comfortable. The performance of the Husqvarna lawn mowing tractors is further enhanced by the high-end hydrostatic transmission, which ensures a smooth and a great variation in the forward and the reverse speeds.

You might also like the Husqvarna lawn tractors because they come fitted with the top-performance air induction mowing technology that not only ensures a clean and consistent deck but also improves airflow in the deck.

You might also like the fact that the models made by this reputable brand all come equipped with essential accessories, including towing and mulching accessories.

Husqvarna YTH20K46 Review

As you can tell, the Husqvarna model of lawnmowers and lawn tractors come with virtually everything you may need to simplify the lawn mowing process. If you are considering this Husqvarna YTH20K46 model, we’ll help you decide whether this is a good option for you or not by looking at all its features and what they do.


The YTH20K46 is one of the most powerful lawn tractors on the market today, and it boasts a powerful 20HP Kohler motor (with 2 engines, a maximum reverse speed of 2.5mph, and pedal-operated/ manual drive system) engine, hence the powerful performance of the lawnmower.

As a front-engine lawn tractor/ mower, this power tool offers the actual tractor style feel, it boasts more power, comes with a wider cutting deck, and it’s supremely versatile compared to the rear-end engine lawn mowing tractors – you could use this mower to power your aerators or the de-thatchers.

On top of this engine, the performance of this mower is enhanced by the hydrostatic transmission, a unique and often expensive feature which provides for the smooth operation of the mower.

This pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission system will give you control over the speed and direction of the mower. The pedal-operated system also means that you will be able to keep your hands on the steering wheel, hence an optimal driving control. Along with the powerful motor comes the fuel.

Although it’s gas-powered, this mower is easy to use thanks to its easy-access fuel cap, which means that you won’t have to pop up the engine’s hood to refuel.

You might also like the visibility of the fuel levels for this mower, all thanks to the transparent fuel indicator, which makes it a lot easier to check how much fuel you still have.

Performance and Durability

perfomance ansd durablity

In addition to the powerful engine that rotates the blades at super-high speeds, this mower also comes with a reinforced cutting deck that features heavy flat-stock steel for enhancement of the durability and the strength of the mower.

The steel reinforcement of the cutting deck is focused around the mower’s trim side and its leading edge, ensuring top performance of the mower for a long time, and value for your money.

The durability of the mower is further enhanced by the powder-coated cutting deck, which is also very durable, and the best part is that it’s corrosion-resistant.

You might also like the vinyl used for the seat’s material because it has a front-end level of protection.

Its cast iron front axle is the other feature that boosts the performance of this mowing tractor as it offers a superior level of stability and balance, and even with a collector fitted, the pivoting action of the axle ensures a smoother operation, especially if you will be working on rough terrain.

To maintain a consistent mowing speed, the terrain notwithstanding, this mower features a cruise control function which is easy to use. The control and the performance of this lawn mower are further enhanced by the large and wide rear tires.

These wide tires will improve the traction of the mower and also limit the risk of damage to the already delicate ground. Since no one wants to see large, annoying tire track out on the lawn after working hard to cut the grass, this is an important feature. It’s also worth noting that the wheels of this mower are the anti-scalp wheels.

Comfort and Usability

Comfort and Usability

The mower might have a strong, high-performance engine, but none of that would matter if the seat and the handles are uncomfortable. The mower has an adjustable sliding seat, which ensures the comfort of the user, regardless of your height.

The seat comes with a unique platform whose height changes automatically when the seat is moved either forward or towards the rear, hence the optimization of the operator’s position.

There’s also the high-back seat, which provides more comfort and back (plus neck and shoulders) support during mowing. You could also fit armrests if you like.

The other comfort feature of this mower is the ergonomic steering wheel, which is not just super comfortable but also angled for the most comfortable and optimal positioning of your body and the hands.

The mower’s performance is further enhanced by Husqvarna’s use of air induction technology, an innovative technology that boosts the power and the efficiency of the mower by drawing in the clean air coming in from both the top and the bottom ends of the deck.

Thanks to the improved airflow, the mower delivers a superior cut to the grass, as well as a bigger grass lift. If you have been struggling to get the lawn mowed late in the evening, either because you prefer working in the evening after work or because you are a night owl, you understand the value of high-quality headlights on your mower.

And this mower offers just that thanks to its LED headlights, which will leave you with a large, well-lit area, which could be up to 50% the size of the lit area that you would get when using the traditional incandescent lights. The bright LED lights ensure a safer mowing in the dark.

The operation of the mower is further enhanced by the adjustable Fender-mounted cutting height.

This height adjustment feature is conveniently placed and on the fender-mounted deck lever for a smooth and easy operation. The height adjustment also means that you can cut grass of different heights with ease. This mower has a cutting width of 117cm.


As expected of gas-powered lawn maintenance, you have to be on top of things to ensure that the best performance of the mower.

The good news, however, is that you won’t have to worry about forgetting to service the mower because it comes with an hour-meter that’s fitted with a service minder to remind you when it’s time to service the mower.

You might also like how easy it is to wash this mower because it comes with a deck wash port, which is easy to use. To use the wash port, just connect the water hose into the port, and just like that, you will be able to clean the deck’s underside.


  • Ideal size for homeowners
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a monitor to remind you when its due for servicing
  • High-performance thanks to the 20HP engine and the smooth hydrostatic transmission
  • Good grass lift thanks to the air induction technology
  • It’s powerful and versatile
  • Wider cutting deck means less time mowing
  • Large and bright LED lights for mowing when it grows darker.
  • It has durable parts


  • It requires regular maintenance
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Can be loud

Things to Consider Before Buying a Lawn Mower

Type of lawnmower or Lawn Tractors

The market is riddled with a big number of options when it comes to lawn mowing power tools with options ranging from the riding and the walk-behind lawnmowers to the gas-push models, zero-turn-radius riders, and lawn tractors.

To choose one model over the other, you have to bear in mind things like its operational efficiency, environmental friendliness, as well as the price of the mowers. Speaking of price, the zero-turn-radius lawn mowers are often the most expensive lawn mowing power tools while the gas-powered push mowers are the most affordable.

And the reason for the price differences has to do with the fact that the zero-turn-radius lawn tractors/ mowers are more like souped-up tractors and instead of having to use the wheel to turn and control the mower, you’d use a zero-turn function which makes use of levers to push the mower, hence the ability of the mower to turn while in one position.

These mowers are also known for their nimble handling, as well as high speeds. They don’t work too well on sloppy yards, though.

Then you have the other option of the riding mower, the rear-engine rider. This mower bridges the gap between the traditional walk-behind mowers and the mowing tractors. Going by its name, this rear-engine rider has a rear-engine, it’s easier to use, affordable, but it doesn’t cut as well as you’d expect.

Type of Engine/ Mower’s Energy Source

Regarding the power of the mower, the options available to you range from the corded and the battery-powered lawnmowers to the gasoline/ gas-powered and the mechanical powered.

The corded/ electric mowers are environmentally friendly, and they have zero emissions, but they must be connected to a power source. The battery-powered mowers are cordless, environmentally friendly but cannot work on a large lawn comfortably before the battery power runs out.

The gas-powered mowers, on the other hand, are the most versatile and also the most popular option because they are quite powerful, very maneuverable, heavy-duty, and reliable. But they are loud, heavy, and need regular maintenance.

Lastly, you have the mechanical mowers, which are almost silent, environmentally friendly, ideal for all types of weather, but they need a lot of effort to be pushed around, hence the name – the push-reel mowers.

Drive Systems

The other consideration you need to keep in mind is the mower’s drive system.

With self-propelled drive system options such as the front-wheel drive, the rear-wheel-drive, the four-wheel drive, and of course, the push reel mowers, which option would be the most ideal for you? Take the self-propelled front-wheel-drive system, for example; it’s quite maneuverable even though it only works great on flat lawns.

The self-propelled rear-wheel drive system allows you to easily work areas of uneven terrain and the slopes thanks to the large-diameter rear wheels, but they feel uncomfortable when turning; and then you have the self-propelled 4-wheel drive systems which are very powerful and will work well on any kind of landscape, regardless of the weather and the complexity of the terrain but at the expense of its high price tag.

And as expected from the manual push-reel mowers, they are hard to push and aren’t as powerful. So, you’d have to choose the best lawn mower for your yard depending on the terrain, level of maneuverability needed, price tag, and the power delivered by the mower.

Cutting Units

A lawnmower can have one of these three cutting units:

The reel/ cylinder mower comes with a reel cutting unit and offers the best mowing quality, despite the lower power and high efficiency only on flat areas. The rotary mower that uses rotary cutters, working great on uneven terrain and hills, and boasting adjustable blade height. But this cutting unit needs an engine.

The Airbag cutting unit is a wheel-less mower that boasts easy handling, maneuverability, and works well in pretty much all types of terrains, including remote areas and on rough terrain.

Finally, you could break down your options of lawnmowers, in terms of their types into the ride-on, walk-behinds, and the robotic lawnmowers. Now that we have that out of the way let’s take a look at some of the other factors and features you should bear in mind in your search of the best lawnmower.

Lawn size: If you have a small lawn of about ½ acres, then you could buy the push lawnmower. But even then, you have the option of choosing a ride lawnmower/ tractor like this Husqvarna YTH20K46 is you need a maneuverable option that will not leave you sore. The self-propelled mower will also be a great option for you if you need a comfortable mowing experience.

Terrain: The reel or the push lawn mower would be an excellent fit for you if you have a small yard on relatively flat terrain. But if your yard is on a sloppy area or with uneven terrain, then the self-propelled or the riding mower would be a good choice for you. And in the presence of flower beds and rocks, then a zero-turn-radius lawnmower would be a great option for you.

Deck Size: The deck size, also called the cutting deck, dictates just how wide the mowing blades are. A big cutting deck means that the mower has bigger blades. The size of the cutting deck is an important consideration because the bigger deck allows you to cut a larger path in each pass, hence reduced mowing time, especially if your yard is flat.

The catch with the wider decks is that they cannot navigate around the flower beds, bushes, trees, or other obstacles with ease, and you might need the smaller decks for increased maneuverability. The deck size varies and ranges from 20 to 70 inches.

Grass Clippings and Bagging Options: Buying a side-discharge mower is one of the best and also the least-expensive mowing option because it means that the grass clippings are spit right back to the lawn where the clippings will decompose and later serve as fertilizer, leaving you with a lush and a beautiful grass covering. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out perfectly, especially when the grass clippings are clumpy and thick, which would cause more damage to your lawn.

So, to ensure a smoother mowing session and no extra work raking the clippings, you might want to think about a lawnmower that comes with a bagger. Though the mower will cost more than the side-discharge option, and you have to buy the buyer separately, it will collect the clippings as you mow, saving you the raking time, while leaving you with more than enough mulch.

Engine Power: The power of your riding lawn mower’s engine is important, and you need power to be able to cut gas easily.

Durability: Never underestimate the build of the mower. The durability of the mower is a crucial factor that determines how long that mower will be in use and if you will get full value for your money from the mower or not.

Attachments: The other consideration you must keep in mind is that of attachments and whether they are compatible with the mower or not. These attachments include the lawn aerators, rakes, dump carts, lawn rollers, and fertilizer spreaders, among others.


The best lawn tractor comes with powerful features designed to ensure a smooth, safe, comfortable, and fast lawn mowing, regardless of the size and the terrain of the yard, and this  Husqvarna YTH20K46 comes with all the important features you need to get started with mowing, whether you prefer to do it during the day or when it gets dark.

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