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Other than being in the frontier in the fight to stave off climate change, lawns, otherwise referred to as mowed patches of turfgrass, have a significant role to play in people’s lives. For many centuries, human beings have been going out of their way in terms of time and money to improve their lawns. Why?

To enjoy the perks of having a functional, aesthetically pleasing recreational space and of course there’s no better place to host a BBQ party than on a superbly mowed lawn. As a status symbol, grass lawns are deeply rooted in European aristocracy and were commonly found engulfing French and English castles.

Today, having a well-kempt lawn not only improves your quality of life and also gets you some compliments along the way to boost morale. To create a beautiful golf course-like lawn takes a lot of work and we created this blog to teach you exactly how to do it and provide a few useful tips along the way.

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