About Us

Hi there, 

Welcome to SmartGardenGadgets.com, where we provide FREE tips, tricks, and advice for creating and maintaining the perfect patch of turfgrass. 

Who am I?

We are here to provide you with the right information to help you find the right lawn care tools to get the job done. My name is Chris and I’m the founder and editor of this little piece of web real estate, where I help homeowners and landscaping companies develop golf course-like lawns. 

I got into landscaping, specifically lawn mowing as a hobby, but it slowly turned into a real passion and side hustle. 

After having been involved in a variety of personal and commercial lawn mowing projects, I’ve learned more than a few things that I’ll be sharing with our readership. 

With the help of my team, our vision for this blog is to be the ultimate web resource for everything you need to know about maintaining the perfect lawn. While I’m no expert with a bunch of degrees in lawn care, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks from my on-the-job experience.

One of the first few things I learned about lawn mowing, especially during my early days, was that it was tedious and monotonous. It wasn’t easy motivating myself to go out and trim the lawn. To paint you a clearer picture; it feels a lot like the first week of going to the gym. 

However, after spending tons of hours online researching, finding the right lawn care equipment/tools, mowing the loan, and seeing my dream come into fruition; it changed my mindset and approach to lawn mowing. 

While mowing the lawn may sound like a mundane activity, seeing the results of your hard work and patience can be incredibly rewarding. Be sure to stick around because we’ll delve deeper into lawn care and maintenance. 

How SmartGardenGadgets was born

A few years ago, while working on a landscaping project; as I and my team were mowing a residential lawn in the scorching sun, my trusty mower died on me.

It wouldn’t start and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, and being on a tight deadline meant we couldn’t afford to waste any time or have delays. Like most people, I did a quick search online for a solution but I couldn’t find a solution. 

All the information I found online was either outdated and unreliable so I did the next best thing, I called a lawn mower mechanic and after a few minutes, my mower was up and running again. 

The problem was with the fuel and after draining it, my mower fired up as usual. From that moment on, I decided to create this blog to provide accurate and useful information to help solve some of the most common lawn mower problems. 

We’ve covered a variety of these problems and how to fix them including the basics of lawn mowers e.g. how a self-propelled lawn mower works to more advanced topics such as how to start a riding lawn mower without a key and so much more. 

And to help you find the right tools for the job, we’ve reviewed a variety of lawn mowing tools/equipment that will get the job done as efficiently as possible. These include everything from best mulching blades to the best lawn mower for zoysia grass to the best lawn mower for 1 acre, rough terrain and so much more.