Cub Cadet vs Husqvarna Brand Review

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Cub Cadet and Husqvarna are, without doubt, two of the best brands of lawnmowers, and if you are trying to figure out which one of these two brands would be a great fit for you, our Cub Cadet vs Husqvarna Review will help you decide.

First, we’ll look at these two brands and what they have to offer, then break down the features of two of the popular products by each brand, to help you decide which of these two would be a great option for you.

Bear in mind that whether you call the mower a lawn tractor, a riding mower, a garden tractor, or a riding lawnmower, these two brands offer some of the best models that will offer you great value for your money.

But before we dive in deep, you will be happy to know that the riding mowers from these two brands build powerful mowers for trimming large and bumpy terrain lawns.

So, how do these brands of lawn care companies stack up against each other?



Husqvarna is the older of these two brands, and it boasts the position of one of the oldest lawn care companies around. Husqvarna is a Swedish equipment manufacturing company that was established back in 1689, where it was used as a foundry for military weapons.

But between today and the year of its existence, Husqvarna has evolved, and it’s produced a wide range of mechanical products ranging from motorcycles to sewing machines.

However, their focus shifted over the years, and they made their first lawnmowers back in 1918 following the acquisition of the company by Norrahammars Ironworks back in Sweden. The brand has since expanded, and it offers a wide range of machinery, including power cutters, chainsaws, and a wide range of other power tools.

Husqvarna has since expanded its range of products, and it’s gained international recognition for durable and high-quality power tools used in more than 100 countries across the world.

Cub Cadet

Compared to Husqvarna, Cub Cadet is decades younger as it was established in 1961, where it started as a rather small line of specialty tractors supplied for the International Harvester. Today, Cub Cadet is one of the subsidiaries of MDT Products, which is another company (USA-based) specializing in the manufacture of outdoor power tools.

Even so, Cub Cadet is one of the proudest companies when it comes to showing off its American roots, hence the company’s headquarters in Cleveland. This brand shows off its love for the country by employing Americans from Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, and of course, Ohio.

Now that you have a few more details on the history of these brands, it’s important to keep in mind that riding lawn mowing tractors/ lawns are quite expensive in comparison to the traditional lawnmowers.

But on the upside, these mowing tractors are worth the high price tag, and they offer great value for money thanks to their power and high-speed mowing, which allows you to easily mow over large lawns with ease.

To choose between these two brands, you first need to make sure that you understand the features that set the two brands apart from each other. However, even with the difference in their ages, riding lawnmowers and lawn tractors by the two brands are durable, heavy-duty, and they promise a high degree of operational efficiency.

At the same time, the mowers by these two brands boast similar features such as adjustable cutting heights from 1-4inches from a heavy-duty deck, as well as an electric start system that makes for the mower’s easy starting and stops.

Cub Cadet

But even with these similarities, how does the Cub Cadet stack up against Husqvarna?

Cub Cadet vs Husqvarna

To determine how these mower brands stack up, we’ll compare the Cub Cadet XT1 LT42 vs Husqvarna YTA24V48 by looking at the features of the two riding mowers.

Engine Power

Out of the two riding mowers, the Husqvarna YTA24V48 boasts a more powerful engine than the Cub Cadet XT1 LT42, which means that when mowing with the two mowers, you will get through the lawn faster with the Husqvarna than the Cub Cadet, thanks to the 24HP horsepower engine.

Note that the Husqvarna mowing tractor boasts a beasty 724 Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine, which pumps out a powerful 24HP, low-vibration 2-cylinder engine that features a full-pressure and a powerful lubrication system that features a spin-oil filter for smooth and controlled operation.

The Cub Cadet XT1, on the other hand, only has a 541cc Kohler single-cylinder that delivers on 18HP horsepower, and it also makes use of an inverted oil filter, which will, unfortunately, make oil changes messy, though infrequent.

The 18HP engine isn’t as powerful, which means that the Cub Cadet mower will take longer to mow the same sized lawn as the Husqvarna.

However, both mowers sport a 4-cycle engine that uses a 12V key start system with a 3-gallon fuel tank, meaning fast mowing on medium-sized lawns, and if you are mowing a large lawn, you won’t have to make many refueling stops.

But the Cub Cadet wins one over Husqvarna since the engine’s Kohler engine makes use of the Fuel Injection Technology (EFI) rather than the carburetor-style standard engine, hence a 25% more fuel efficiency from the Cub Cadet XT1.

Cutting Efficiency


The Husqvarna mower has a 48-inch cutting deck while the Cub Cadet has a 42-inch cutting deck, which is another reason why the 48-inch mower gets a wider area of the lawn done faster. The other difference between these two mowers is that the Husqvarna cutting deck is reinforced with steel, hence a higher strength level and more cutting power, especially for tough grasses.

The stamped reinforced 48-inch steel cutting deck along with the mower’s maximum forward cutting speed means that the Husqvarna mower offers a significantly higher level of efficiency and shorter mowing time.

The Cub Cadet, on the other hand, has a 42-inch cutting deck made of stamped steel, which means a fairly good cutting speed and efficiency. The other measure of efficiency shown by these two mowers is signified by the number of blades on each mower. The Husqvarna YTA24V48 sports 3 mowing blades made of the 13-gauge cutting deck.

The 3 blades feature mandrels, meaning that the blades offer the sharpest and the smoothest cuts.

There’s also the air induction technology in the Husqvarna, which improves the lift of the grass, allowing for superior and more consistent cuts. Again, these functions make the Husqvarna the preferred option in terms of consistency.

Keep in mind that the Cub Cadet XT1 has only 2 blades, although it has more cutting positions than the Husqvarna – 12 against 6. Even so, the Husqvarna is more efficient.

Maneuverability and Speed

Although the Husqvarna offers more power, the Cub Cadet is far easier to use, and it boasts a smooth operation. Husqvarna’s 24HP engine means a high maximum mowing speed of up to 7.4MPH, a mowing speed that is considerably higher than what you get from the Cub Cadet whose 18HP engine gives the mower a maximum mowing speed of 5.4MPH.

But don’t let the speed of the Cub Cadet fool you – the mower’s Tuff-Torq K46 also comes with a hydrostatic transmission system, hence its high degree of responsiveness, and ease of handling.

Regarding maneuverability, both the mowers have a turning radius of 16 inches, allowing you to easily navigate tough corners and edges, and also around trees. The turn radius means that the mowers will allow you to mow uphill with great ease, as long as the hill is not very steep.

These mowers both sport automatic transmission systems that are pedal-operated, and you might enjoy using either mower as they both boast a cruise control function, as well as automated variable speed controls to match your needs.

Comfort, Safety, and Ease of Use

Let’s first look at the comfort features of these mowers.

Comfort, Safety, and Ease of Use

A look at the two mowers reveals that the Husqvarna wins in the comfort arena since it’s fitted with an adjustable seat, well-padded armrests, and a high-back seat, all designed to ensure adequate comfort and lumbar support, allowing you to comfortably mow large lawns without worrying about fatigue or backpains.

It also features springs on the seat, hence reduced vibrations and less bumpiness when mowing over uneven ground. The cruise control function also allows for smoother and more comfortable rides.

On the bright side, even the Cub Cadet has a high-back seat, and that means that you won’t have much of a tough time when mowing over large lawns. You won’t be missing out on much with the Cub Cadet.

Regarding safety, you will be happy to know that both lawn tractors provide great safety functions to give you better control as you mow. These safety features include the safety switch that’s positioned right underneath your seat.

The best bit is that that the safety system is weight-activated thanks to the weight sensor under the seat, only starting when you are seated on the driver’s seat.

With this safety system, the engine will go off as soon as you stand from the seat. The advantage of this safety system is that in case you fall off the mower and leave the seat suddenly, the mower will automatically shut off, reducing your risk of injury.

The other safety function affects the blades so that when you are driving or mowing in reverse, the blades will be automatically disengaged, hence a reduced risk of injury.


The Cub Cadet features a 42-inch wide cut width, while the Husqvarna has a wider cutting width of 48inches.

These differences affect the efficiency of the mower because the cutting width affects how much space is covered on the lawn. The 42-inch cutting deck of the Cub Cadet means that this mower will work great for 1-acre lawns or less, hence faster cutting of the grass and an even higher level of maneuverability.

On the other hand, the Husqvarna has a 48-inch grass cutting deck, which means that the mower cuts bigger lawns faster, and if used for a 1-acre lawn, you’ll spend much less time on the lawn.


Overall, there’s no denying that these two mowers are excellent options for anyone looking for a high-efficient riding mower. But your choice of the Cub Cadet XT1 over the Husqvarna or the other way around will depend on what you need.

If you have a large lawn and need more power, then the Husqvarna mower might be a great option for you. It will also be a great option if you need to mow your lawn in less time. The Cub Cadet, on the other hand, would work well if you need a powerful mower for a smaller lawn, especially one around 1 acre or less.

But if your budget is something you are thinking about, then the Cub Cadet would be a great option for you as it offers more value for money, and it basically has all the important features you need in a high-performance mower.

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