WORX WA0860 Anti-Collision System

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One of the biggest problems in using robotic lawn mowers is a collision. The device often bumps into table and chair legs, or they hit pots and trees. As a result, the bumps damage the robotic lawn mower. These bumps can cause internal damage, and you will find yourself one day with a robotic lawn mower that does not work.

The great news is that one of the most popular lawn mower manufacturers have created a solution for this. It is the WORX WA0860 Anti-Collision System, which is compatible with the WORX Landroid robotic lawn mowers.

But what is it, really? What does it do, and is it worth your money?

We will attempt to answer these questions in this WORX WA0860 Anti-Collision System review. You should be able to decide later on if you need this robotic lawn mower accessory or not.

What is the WORX WA0860 Anti-Collision System?

WORX WA0860 Landroid Anti-Collision System, Silver

It is like a pair of glasses that you attach to your robotic lawn mower. You attach it on top in a specific slot reserved for it.

These “glasses” have ultrasonic sensors that give data to the robotic lawn mower. It can detect obstacles for the robotic lawn mower before the collision point. As such, the lawn mower has enough time to process the data and turn around or move sideways.

The upgrade was designed for people who have lawns that have lots of plants, bushes, trees, and furniture. The WORX WA0860 Anti-Collision System (ACS) is exclusive to models that were released in 2019. Specifically, it only works on Worx Landroid models.

What are the features of the WORX WA0860 Anti-Collision System?

The anti-collision system has several features that make it work efficiently. It is not just an ordinary pair of ultrasonic glasses.

Here are the features of the accessory:

  • Detection features – the device sees obstacles ahead and communicates it with the Landroid robotic lawn mower. The detection happens in a distance, and the robotic lawn mower is quick enough to analyze this information.
    Once the detection occurs, the Landroid can now make a decision whether to turn back or move to another direction.
  • Smart Work – if you do not use the ACS, your Landroid will bump into obstacles and may stop. It may even move to other directions that it has already mowed. When this happens, the algorithm of the lawn mower is impacted, making it behave erratically.
    As a result, it covers the same areas that it has already mowed earlier. With the ACS, the system can detect the obstacle, and the algorithm will create a new path so the mower will continue working with precision.
  • Easy installation – the ACS is made with precise fitting. Your Landroid has a module at the top that you can remove. All you have to do is to slide the ACS and then lock it. You need two screws to lock it in place. When you buy the ACS, it comes with the two screws and a hex key.

The product was designed specifically for the WORX Landroid. As you can see, its main purpose is to prevent bumps and obstacles.

The best robotic lawn mowers have an algorithm. This algorithm tells the lawn mower how to move around the lawn to ensure that the grass is cut everywhere. The thing is that if it bumps something, the lawn mower’s algorithm also goes haywire. It loses its original plan.

So, what happens is that the lawn mower will move to the same spots it already mowed. This is a waste of time and power, and you do not like this. This is why you need the ACS. It prevents these algorithm problems from happening.

What do customers say about the WORX WA0860 Anti-Collision System?

WORX WA0860 Landroid Anti-Collision System, Silver

The product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars in Amazon. According to some people who bought it, the module is great. It is easy to install the system.

As far as the performance is concerned, the sensor gave their Landroids better “eyesight.” The lawn mowers stopped bumping into objects, thus preventing damage.

Now, since the robotic lawn mower itself is supported by software updates, there are certain occasions when you cannot turn the ACS on or off with your phone app. What happens is that the sensor is perpetually turned on if the mower is also on. This should not be an issue, as the creators will certainly create a follow-through update that will fix these problems.

Also, the sensor gets turned off once the Landroid is also off.

For negative feedback, one thing that the ACS sensor cannot detect is a low obstacle. There are videos showing that if the obstacle is not taller than the lawn mower, it will still bump into it. This is not unusual, mowers are programmed to think that low bumps are not exactly bumps, but just humps on the lawn.

Overall, customers agree that it works, but mostly for tall obstacles only. This is best used for lawns where you have trees and furniture, but it may not avoid brick pathways that are so low. You need to remove bricks, toys, and sticks from your yard prior to making the Landroid work.

Commonly Asked Questions About the WORX WA0860 Anti-Collision System

I know that you have several questions that you need answering. In this section, I collected some of the frequently asked questions about the product, which you may also have.

What is the size of the obstacle that it can detect?

Based on the manual, the detection range of the device is five inches. What this means is that if the object is five inches, it is tall enough for the ACS system to detect. As far as the distance is concerned, the device can start detecting objects within eight inches. What this means is that the sensor will know about the obstacle once it is eight inches away.

Why do I need this accessory?

The Landroid models have a built-in system, but not as powerful as the ACS. The Landroid will still bump into obstacles. If it does this all the time, it will get damaged, especially so because the robotic lawn mower has no bumpers. The ACS uses a technology called ultrasonic detection system. It helps your Landroid navigate its way away from obstacles instead of bumping into them.

Will this sensor detect sticks and toys?

If the objects are five inches high, the sensor will detect them. If not, the lawnmower will mow them. Small obstructions will be pushed by the lawn mower because it thinks that it is grass. It thinks so because it is not high enough. On some occasions, the Landroid may mow the stick, and it can damage the cutting disc. Sometimes, they may get stuck, and the Landroid will temporarily stop working until you remove it.

If this happens, turn off the mower. Then, remove the stick. Never remove the stick while the mower is on because the blade will spin once the blockage is taken off.

Is it easy to install the accessory?

Yes, it is easy to install the accessory. Since the sensor is made specifically for Landroid, the mower itself has a portal where you can attach the ACS. All it takes is to remove the cover of your mower and then use the screws that come with the sensor. There are two screws, and you must use the hex driver that comes with it. Once the sensor is attached, you can use the app to activate it.

Does the product come with a guarantee or warranty?

The ACS comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The sensor is also offered with a consumer warranty of up to two years. To be able to get this, you have to go to the manufacturer’s website and then register your device. From that website, you can choose to extend your warranty to three years instead of two years. The parts of the device that are commonly destroyed by ordinary wear and tear are not covered in the warranty.

Does it need a battery?

No, the system draws power from the Landroid itself. There is no need to buy batteries for this.

So far, these are the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question not found here, feel free to shoot me an email or comment on my blog.

WORX WA0860 Landroid Anti-Collision System, Silver

Summary: WORX WA0860 Anti-Collision System Review

Is it worth buying the WORX WA0860 Anti-Collision System?

I would say that yes, it is worth it. Just think about it: if you do not buy this accessory, your Landroid will bump on walls, chairs, and other obstacles. One day, it will get damaged to a point where it can stop working. The bumping can cause a lot of shaking inside; the electronic parts may get dislodged.

On top of that, the algorithm gets whacked. Without the sensor, the mower will not do a good job of cutting grass in an organized way. It is going to waste your time, and it is going to waste power.

With a little investment, you can prevent all of these and have a robotic lawn mower that is fully equipped to perform its duties. Check it out on Amazon now and see if this is compatible with your existing Landroid model.

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